Bigger mudflaps

The new 365/80 R20 tires that we put on the MOG are wider than the tires that were on it before, so I figured it was time to install wider mud flaps.

The old ones were not very functional anymore.

So I found some new mudflaps that were 20″ wide.  A perfect match to the width of the fender.

But first I added an aluminum bar at the bottom to keep them rigid, and so I could add an eyelet.

Here you can see the new mud flaps versus the old one.

I also added an eyelet to the rear fender.

The mud flap is held on with a solid metal bar and six stainless steel bolts making it very secure.

See? Perfect width.

I added the chain to prevent the mud flap making contact with the tire and getting sucked up into the fender.

The new mud flaps look much better and are way more functional.


One thought on “Bigger mudflaps

  1. John Reply

    Nice! Much better.

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