Bonnet Badge restoration

Since the MOG is a former military truck, the original model name badge was removed.

Surprisingly enough, I was able to find a replacement in Europe.  Imagine that, finding original parts for a 31 year old truck.

Here’s what the badge looked like when I received it.

You can see it’s got many layers of paint on it, some of which appears to be done with a brush.

Well that just won’t do.

So I got some industrial strength paint remover and got to work.

I sprayed it and let it sit for ten minutes.

Then started scrubbing with an abrasive pad.

You can see some of the original army green paint under the black paint.

More paint remover and more scrubbing…

Third time, and some polishing.

I then sprayed it with a satin black spray paint.

Much better.  Worthy of the MOG.




One thought on “Bonnet Badge restoration

  1. Mom Reply

    Really, really good job with the paint remover and new paint!!!

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