Driving Home – Part 1 – Day 3

The next morning we were on the road by about 7:00 am and were driving through the smaller towns in Arkansas.

The Unimog has a bunch of small things that need fixing as a result of all it’s travels.  We set a goal to fix one thing per day.  It gave us something to think about and work on as we traveled.  For example, the refrigerator doesn’t work.  The sensor in the black water tanks always reads full.  There is a small hole in the passenger side of the camper…  These are all things that we plan to work on.

Tree lined roads

Crossing into Mississippi

The Unimog was just barely able to keep up with the minimum speed limit. 🙂

So speaking of things that need to be fixed. Apparently when it was in the country of Columbia, somebody tried to break into the cab, with a screwdriver into the drivers side door lock.  As a result the lock didn’t work.  We stopped at a locksmith in the town of Tupelo Mississippi.  Steve took one look at the lock, popped off the inner door panel and had the lock repaired in about 30 minutes!  THANK YOU STEVE!

Affordable Lock and Key in Tupelo Mississippi is a great place to get keys made and locks fixed.

Later that afternoon, we slowly drove West along the back roads of Mississippi.

It was actually very relaxing.  No reason to try and hurry, not that we can anyway…

Small towns along the way.

We drove for miles without seeing another car, but this crop dusting plane flew over us to check us out.

We’re definitely in farm country.

Abandoned shacks and houses along the way…

We stopped for a lunch break at this abandoned church.

It was hot and Alisa sat in the shade made by the Mog.

I wandered around and took pictures of the abandoned church.

Inside the church
A view of the Mog outside as seen from inside the church
The piano
The hymn book on top of the piano
Abandoned bibles

After our beak, we were back on the road…

We had to stop at the bridge crossing the Mississippi river.  The police car was blocking traffic so a wide combine could get across.

Entering Arkansas
Crossing the bridge

As we drove through the next town, things started to look a little familiar.

I had the feeling I had been here before… Was that possible?

We drove to our camp spot for the night in a state park.

As we pulled into the campground I realized, Alisa and I had stopped at this same part nine years ago when we rode our dirt bikes cross country on the TAT!

Well at least my choices for camping locations are consistent.

Alisa reads inside the Camper.

Meanwhile I cook dinner.

Hamburgers and canned beans

Stats for the day

Not a bad moving average for a Unimog.


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