Driving Home – Part 1 – Day 4

The next morning we were on the road early and slowly headed West when I saw this collection of old crop dusting planes.

I love all kinds of machines and we stopped to check them out.

It’s pretty amazing to see how simple these planes are and how huge the tank for the pesticides are.

and a pile of wings…

After checking out the planes, we continued on our way…

I just followed the route the GPS showed me, not knowing exactly where we were or what we would see next.

We were routed on a bunch of dirt roads, past old agricultural buildings, and miles of farmland.

What a pretty MOG!

Later we crossed the Arkansas River.

For some reason, Arkansas feels very different from Mississippi.  Kind of reminds me of New England where I grew up.

When I set up the route we would be taking, I tried to go though as many scenic areas as I could such as State Parks and scenic roads.

We stopped here at Cedar Falls, and took a short walk to the overlook.

Cedar Falls in Petit Jean State Park.

All this Unimog-ing and scenic beauty is exhausting.

Just goes to show how relaxing riding in a Unimog can be. 🙂

Eventually we got to our campsite at an old Army Corps site along the Arkansas river.

The Mog Mahal in it’s spot for the night.

Stats for the day.


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