Driving Home – Part 2 – Day 1

So on November 3rd, 2017, I flew from LAX to Tulsa to begin the second half of “Bringing the MOG” home.  The cool thing is, my Dad was going to join me for this section of the journey!

We met up at the airport in Tulsa OK, on the evening of November 3rd and stayed at a hotel.

The next day we got at ride out to Broken Arrow, and there we found the MOG, right where I had left it some two months ago.

We tossed our luggage in the camper, jumped up into the cab, and it started right up.  Amazing!  Leave a 30 year old truck parked for two months, and it starts right up!  This MOG wants to roll!

So Dad and I were psyched to get headed West, and soon the miles began to roll past.

It was overcast, but we didn’t care, we were just happy to be driving.  The route I had chosen kept us on the smaller secondary roads, and would allow us to camp for free at BLM land or National Forests.

The scenery slowly went by, as we passed through small towns in Oklahoma.

After a couple of hours we stopped to stretch our legs and eat a sandwich.

Dad is in the passenger seat and settles in for the ride.

Oklahoma rolls past under our wheels.

Grain silos doted the landscape as we drove along.

Some of them were massive.

Towards the afternoon the skies cleared and we rolled steadily West.

Where we’re going looks like where we just came from in the rear view mirror…

Dad is enjoying the scenery as we roll along at 40 mph.

Our destination for the night is a Wildlife Sanctuary at the end of a dirt road in Western Oklahoma.

As the sun got lower on the horizon, we had excellent light for a few Unimog prOn pictures.

Dad and the MOG. (I’m such a fortunate person to have both.)

Panorama shot.

We continued down the dirt road towards our camp spot for the night.

A short while later, we arrived at our destination and got ready to make dinner.

But first, our victory beers to celebrate a great day on the road.

Father and Son, and the MOG.

Dad finds a chair and settles in to watch the sunset and enjoy the scenery.

We’re in the middle of nowhere and there isn’t the slightest sign of civilization anywhere.  Perfect.

The sun slowly sets to the West.

So now it’s time to cook dinner.

We get a barbecue going and grill the steaks.

Finally, dinner is served.

Stats for the day.


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