Driving Home – Part 2 – Day 2

After a good nights sleep, we woke up, had a quick breakfast and coffee and were ready for another day of driving West.

Dad was in the passenger seat and eager to get going.

We headed west as the sun came up behind us casting the Mog’s shadow on the road in front of us.

The dirt road became a paved one, and our shadow became smaller.

The road was straight ans appeared to be endless.  I think we drove for over 60 miles without a corner.

After about three hours of driving, we crossed into Texas.

Aside from the chip seal on the road being a different color, the terrain was very similar.

The town of Wellington Texas has a main street paved with red bricks.

But we continued West.

Dad stares out the window thinking deep thoughts.

We crossed the Red River.

The North West corner of Texas actually had a few hills and offered an overlook for a view.

But then the road went straight for miles and miles.   I never knew Texas grew cotton.  It was everywhere.

Large grain silos.

And huge electric generating windmills.

As the sun began to set towards the West, our shadow became longer behind us.

Our destination for the evening was an OHV area, just outside of Roswell New Mexico.  We got there just in time to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Unimog at Dusk

Spectacular sunset.

We enjoyed our end of day victory beers and considered ourselves to be fortunate.

For dinner we cooked some chicken breasts on the grill.

The MOG provided us with light to work by.

Dad relaxed and watched the full moon rise.

It was a long day. Stats for the day.

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