Driving Home – Part 2 – Day 4

I slept for three hours…

We were still in the camper, and the truck was still running.

We still had nearly 500 miles to travel before I could turn the engine off.

We got out of bed, climbed into the cab of the Unimog, and continued West towards Home.

It’s 1:00 am and my mantra was the same as the previous day, “Do not stall the Truck.” “Do not stall the Truck.” “Do not stall the Truck.”

Around 6:00am the sun slowly came up.  Dad was exhausted too.

I felt really bad.  Here’s my Dad, 77 years old passed out in the passenger seat while his idiot son has no choice but to drive two straight days because his 31 year old truck has a mechanical issue.

This is not the vacation I had envisioned.

But we had no choice… The road behind us was as straight as the road ahead of us, as we crossed the Mojave desert.

Many hours later, we finally crossed into California.

Dad was being a good sport.  We took a picture to commemorate the moment.

Only 200 miles to go.  That’s five hours.

Getting near Palm Springs.

Finally dropping in to the Los Angels basin.

Traffic starts getting pretty intense.  I’ve been driving for two days with not much sleep.  The MOG is 9 feet wide.

I’m being passed on both sides… Just another hour to go.

And Finally… We’re Home.

Five months after I purchased the MOG, we had driven it all the way cross the United States, from the port of Baltimore to Los Angeles.

Nearly 3000 miles.

It was so good to finally be Home.

The Mog had done well.  The starter motor wasn’t it’s problem.  That could have happened to any vehicle.

So now, we have plenty of time to work on the MOG.  Replace parts.  Do maintenance.  Get ready for the next adventure.

Stats for the day:



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