Getting the propane system working

When the MOG was imported to the US, the propane system had to be drained and emptied for transport on the RORO (roll on, roll off) ship.

So the truck has not had a working stove, oven, or outdoor stove since I had had it.

Also, all the fittings to the propane system are European, so you can’t just get the underbelly propane tanks filled.

Even if you have the adapter, some stations will not fill the tank if they can’t see the identifying markings on the tank itself, identifying the date the cylinder was manufactured or last recertified.

So the other option is to change over the fittings on the rear internal propane line, which is also European.  (It’s easier said than done…)

So here’s the rear propane line and the closet for the tank in the rear storage compartment.

This the the European pressure regulator and the tank fitting.

It’s an 8mm left hand thread male adapter that goes to the hose.

What I needed to do was connect a US propane tank fitting and pressure regulator to the main propane line.

So got a US Propane tank hose and pressure regulator used for gas grills.

In the picture below, the European tank connector is on the right, and the US tank fitting is on the left.

So went to to a hydraulic repair store with all my parts and explained what I was trying to do.

After several variations and combinations, we came up with something that would work.

I installed the new US propane line into the MOGs propane system.

The next problem was figuring out what all the valves did.

So this is the main tank ball valve for the tank that is under the belly of the MOG.  We need that off.

Then these ball valves open and close the lines to the stove, oven, and rear external kitchen.

Anyway, after trying various combinations…


I can now make my morning coffee inside the MOG.



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