New Starter Motor

As you may remember, we were nearly stranded when the starter motor malfunctioned outside of Roswell New Mexico.

With a bunch of tapping with a heavy wrench, and a bit of luck, we got the engine started and then proceeded to drive for two days without shutting the engine off.

Sometimes the truck would start, and sometimes it wouldn’t.  Obviously that’s unacceptable, so we searched for a new replacement.

It turns out that the only place I could find a replacement 24V started motor was in Poland.  We ordered it, and it took over two months to get it.  The next step was getting the old one out ans putting the new one in.

I’d like to thank Eddie and his guys at 88844MOTOR for his help.  They are located about two miles from my house and work on commercial trucks and semis and really know their stuff.  The them, a Unimog is just another big truck, and they weren’t phased at all.

If you ever need your MOG worked on, give them a call.

88844 motor

780 N Diamond Bar Blvd

Diamond Bar, CA.

Phone: 888-446-6867

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  1. Mom Reply

    That must be a large relief Getting stranded can be harmful in the places you go camping!


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