Repairing holes in the camper unit

The MOG is not a KOA Queen…

This truck has traveled from Europe to Africa, then shipped over to South America and drove up from Ushuaia and after that north, through Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Equador and Colombia, and as a result is has a little wear and tear.

One of the bits of damage were two quarter sized holes in the camper unit.

They had been covered with duct tape, but it was time to get them repaired.

Fortunately, I’m pretty good are fiberglass repair so I got to work.  First I cleaned and prepped the area and got all the old adhesive off.

Then I mixed up some fiberglass body filler.

I filled the holes and sanded down the excess.

I let it dry for about an hour  and then masked off the area so I could paint it.

A few coats of epoxy spraypaint, let it dry for an hour, then remove the tape and paper.

Almost a perfect color match.  Much better than black tape and two holes.


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  1. Mom Reply

    Great job Edward!

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